This blog

Mert’s Farm is a fun little hobby blog featuring pretty petals and posies. My Grandpa, Mert, has a hobby farm off of Wilson Road [visit Wilson_Road on Instagram for specialty gift boxes]. Mert has a small stocked pond, a variety of trees and shrubs, and a Cushman I used drive into trees. It’s a happy place or me. Sometimes, I wake up and want to change the world, but for now, I’m starting this blog about how much I love flowers and gardening, but I am still learning… the theme here is growth. Growth is good.

2017 for me is all about de-cluttering; out with the old, in with the new. This blog is an outlet in which I will share my expert opinions on life. This blog may tempt you with expert party planning opinions, tips and tricks of gift-giving (my love language) read: Wilson Road Boutique Gift Boxes, home décor inspiration, and a life, styled. I will most likely talk about my favorite restaurants and where to eat in Kansas City because eating is my second favorite hobby. I’ll also talk about Target a lot. This blog is awesome.