Spring brings new life

Flowers are symbolic that Spring has arrived – that, and Save-the-Date postcards that take over my refrigerator. My body does this Spring thing where it makes me buy outdoor pillows and deviled egg trays because Target. Spring brings new life – the ideal season to start my little blog. Spring is also the time between the Christmas dinner and swimsuit season, so it’s bittersweet for some. Regardless, with Spring, comes more vitamin D and precipitation thus, flowers! Cultivating a garden is always my ideal Spring hobby. From carrots to cilantro to sunflowers, it’s such a productive feeling to grow your own garden and reap its benefits.

I want to share my love for gardening on this blog, but I’m no Master Gardener. I hope to inspire you with pretty blooms and posies. Selfishly, I hope this will hold me accountable to pursue things I enjoy and continue to de-clutter my life refill with joy.